Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Model 'Monday'

Hi girls and if I have male readers, hello to you to!

Models Monday, probably happens on Tuesday more than Mondays. But today I wanted to focus on Kelly Mittendorf. I've only recently come across her; but I'm really glad I did. A Premier girl; Premier girls are on a high at the moment (Bambi, Karen Pedaru, Cora Emmanuel, Julia Nobis, Wang Xiao and fellow blogger, Leomie Anderson) and I'm sure they'll be all over fashion week.

Some people may look at girls like Kelly and Daphne and think they're 'ugly'. This is an issue I would like to raise today. Models are models. Models rarely look like your neighbours, friends, etc. Their looks are eccentric, unique and different. As the saying goes, 'Everyone has beauty, but not everyone sees it' is a perfect fit for the modeling world. As a globe, we are totally oblivious to these kinds of looks- models normally have a variety of nationalities and very different ethnic backgrounds. Kelly's American (Haven't seen Americans looking like her at all) but she has traces to Germany, Sweden and her Grandma was adopted. So she could also go down Norwegian or Icelandic roots- like her eye shape perhaps. Daphne's Dutch but has traces elsewhere too. High fashion is never commercial looking, it's fierce.

What also makes it worse is that people feel it's necessary to bully the models over the Internet. Is it fair that when you Google 'Kelly Mittendorf' ugly comes up as the fourth most searched term? I don't think so. Ugly doesn't book you modelling jobs. The more appropriate term is 'unique' or 'lasting'. It's unsettling to find on the same blog hate towards a supermodel. If you're going to bully- you don't gain anything. Why bother bullying someone who's booked: Emporio Armarni, Muse, Versus, Givenchy, Dior Addict (where there has been many Google searches enquiring who the face of this campaign was), Calvin Klein, Emilio Pucci, Fendi, Gucci... plus more. So let's be honest, everyone has beauty.

So do not discriminate against others; I'm sure supermodels with an army of supporters (and designers ready to book  them) don't need anyone to bring them down. Neither would you like someone bringing you down.

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