Monday, 3 August 2015

ArrayO'Style X Obscurae Magazine
This is the story which relates to the above photo, published in Obscurae Magazine.


It was love.

Well, I thought so.

Halloween 1990s- London

Music viciously screeched through her ears, a loud banging was heard striking her mind and consciousness as she slipped down into a vacantly, stained chaise. She cast her pale, omniscient green eyes across the club in search of her former companions. Scattered everywhere with themselves, a tense coldness lept across her bones and the skull of the zombie she was impersonating. The sea of faceless dancers transparently gyrated to the possibly infectious beats, but she refused to join. 

No-one will mind if I go to the toilets and cry right? She told herself, although the pre-occupied hands and hips of the club reiterated this. Hand in hand, tongue in tongue... she was just a lonely one. 

Mirror reflecting her defeated face showed a different story. Why had she made this much effort? The hype did not really matter anymore. 

A zombie bride shone back at her. One half glamorous and elaborately crafted, the other a deep, sombre soul no-one wanted to delve into. On her dead half; the sparse, slip of tear dissipated down her face through the unfulfilled green pools of despair. One by one they continued to splash down the side, faint yelps begun to decode across her once calm demeanour. Strangely, the make-up remained intact and the contoured shading intensified, becoming darker and even more fathomless the longer she wept. 

Unlocking the door, stumbles were heard and belts unloosened signalling the time to exit and enter once again the intoxicatingly aghast setting. 

Let's ring a cab and go home she thought as the friends she'd once treasured dwindled in front of her face. All together. Smiling, laughing, zesty partners all absorbing eachother's enthusiasm. But as she searched her guilted clutch, finely-shaped balmy fingers fell into hers removing her from life for an instant. 

Delving into his hypnotic blue pools of a dream; the headache relieved itself and the swift beat of the music became melodic, not melancholy. His silky, smooth fingers caressed her over-sized, Princess-style dress and felt for her waist. Exceeding his grasp; he licked his lips as he clutched her into him- laughing hazily. But the light repelled as she diligently consumed intoxicants. Music faded out all together, heavy mildew odours suffused the room. Picturesque passions discolored and the zombie shadows stressed against her increasingly pale complexion.

Lights tarnished in a muddy fashion, whilst the distant yelps of excruciating torment grew vaguer and vaguer. Until the malicious, masculine cackles filled the space and the girl remained no more. 

Model- Paige Martin
Photographer- Shane Parker of POSE
Creative Director and Writer- Kheira Bey 
Make-up- Rare Candy of 


Paige Martin. Twitter= @paigeleaannex

POSE. Twitter= @POSE_Official Facebook= Instagram= @poseofficial

Kheira. Twitter= @KBEY_ Instagram= @Arrayostyle BLOglovin- 
Rare Candy
Twitter- @RarexCandy

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