Friday, 22 February 2013

Mum's the word

Hi everyone!

If you're in the UK you should know that Mothering Sunday is soon upon us. Or is this news to you? Have to admit I didn't know it was as soon as it is! My Mum's birthday is the week before, so double presents for the wonder woman of the household :) March 10th is Mothering Sunday, but if you're in the US it's much later in the year on May 12th. Still you might as well stock up on goods in advance :)

First up is this fridge magnet <  is perfect for Mum's who loves decorating the fridge with magnets. Under £3, and free delivery. Who's complaining? Bet your purse won't be.
Next up is a locker coin keyring for your Number One Mum. Perfect for those 'yummy mummies' who do the weekly food shop. The keyring fits into trollies and lockers so if your mum's sporty, why don't you get a free gym pass? So a free gym session and free locker! Treat your Mum to a £0.04 treat :)

Sometimes a cuppa and a sit down is all Mum really wants. Or breakfast in bed; with a cuppa. Any fashionista Mum would adore this mug, so why not treat her to one?
For more ideas click the links below :)

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