Wednesday, 31 December 2014

ArrayO'Style X POSE X Solis Magazine

So erm 2014 was so yesterday...

As 2014 draws to a close, the chapters complete, the chocolates eaten in an attempt to start the 'New Year, New Me' diet which will last till the 3rd January... I find myself here feeling compelled to blog.

Yes, such a rare sight really. The previous blog post was on Black Friday and Halloween. A sort of monthly occurrence perhaps? But hey ho, no-one wants to see a long list of boring posts in comparison to a thought out post, which has creativity flowing through. So here it is.

2014. I love you. But unlike other social media users- I'm not one to blog about every aspect of my day (or life) so I'll skip the whole calendar of what happened this year. It has been a hectic one for my life and this has resulted in a less hectic, scarce blog (forgive me). 

But, I'm pleased to announce a friend of mine onto the blog today. This friend is called 'POSE' and we have collaborated beforehand. POSE is an online network of models, photographers, make-up artists and everyone style worthy. They live on Facebook although are venturing into Instagram (@Poseofficial) and Twitter very, very soon. Not one to miss out celebrities, Lydia Lucy has been shot by them and emulated the daring, appeal of a cat and the sophisticated, form of a ballerina

Although, today I'm excited to reveal POSE's first magazine cover with the 'ICE QUEEN' taking centre stage. For their December issue featuring 'The best of the best' it was an honour to have POSE on the cover and I have a feeling during 2015, ArrayO'Style and POSE will be collaborating a lot more often. 

Oh and my words were used to illustrate the spread. Click on the image below to go through to the official article- 

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