Friday, 22 February 2013

Fan mail

Hiya everyone! I should think of a name for everyone who reads. Like Rita Ora calls her followers 'RitaBots' or Ed Sheeran calls his 'Sheerios'. 'Everyone' is too bland and no-one likes bland.

Skip to the punchline, I got a lovely email today from Orli and felt like sharing it as it made me smile :)

I was flicking through DOLLY and saw everything about you, i started reading and got even more inspired, i have always loved fashion and only just had the thought of starting a blog... If you read this please reply as i would love to chat about stuff

Orli :)

Yes the secret's out, we've been published! Woo. And not just in any magazine, but DOLLY Mag! Half term to remember me thinks. Also, this week we hit over 20K UNIQUE page views- which is amazing. Might have to travel to Australia to thank all you Aussies for reading the article! When I said that to my Mum she said, 'Good, I'll get you a one way'. I thought, 'Well sun, sea and Liam Hemsworth. Not complaining!' Mum realised the beauty of Liam Hemsworth and soon left the room to watch the Hunger Games, just for Liam.

I think to celebrate these achievements, I have to reveal a contest. All will be revealed on Sunday :)

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