Saturday, 9 February 2013

Valentines Day Advent

On the 2nd day of Valentines, Cupid gave to me... a Gola floral shoulder bag!

Ok it's over the budget I allow on the blog; but it's Valentines Day and who knows, you can always email the link to your friends. Hint hint ;) The bag is quite hipster like, which is cool as you rarely see many Gola bags for girls. It comes in Ecru and is the perfect size for a school bag. Gola was very successful in the 70's and the clothes have been adapted to modern tastes- but they still have a retro sparkle to them. It's £25, but if you have a look in the green box it mentions getting a discount on clothing. So check that out!

And on the 3rd day of Valentines, Cupid gave to me... Pink & White Jelly Hearts!
What's Valentines Day without sugar? These are strawberry and vanilla flavoured treats, perfect for a fashionista on the go. They come in various different quantities; the smallest being £2.25 and largest £6.10 which isn't a massive difference. They are large and have a luxurious, glossy effect to them. If you're crafty or looking for a gift for that special someone- these would look cute in a glass jar, tied with ribbon. I'm sure no-one would turn down sweets!

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