Monday, 11 February 2013

VDay advent day 5

On the fifth day of Valentines, Cupid gave to me... a Glamour Pucker Ducks lip gloss.

We've gone ducking mad for these lip gloss's! The moisturising lip gloss is stored in an adorable duck shaped lip gloss pot. The gloss is available in five flavours: strawberry, plum, blueberry, toffee and vanilla. The gift is perfect for the glamour puss in the family (or you if you are the glamour puss!). Priced at a reasonable £1.99; there's no excuse for chapped lips girls. And guys take note. This moisturing lip gloss will preserve those chapped lips through winter- a harsh and corrosive time for the lips. Lips get dry very quickly in winter.
Check out the link below for more info, no-one wants to be an ugly duckling!

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