Sunday, 17 February 2013

That lovey dovey day

Valentines day! (On Sunday as only just got round to it!)
Today is the day bombarded with lovey, dovey ness. Or international singles awareness day. Whichever you prefer to call it; it's still Valentines Day. I got another card from Nan this year. A normal Nan would be all 'You're my Valentine sweetie!' or a cute, poem she's written. Whereas, my Nan sends me a card (every year) which reads, 'Aha alone again this year'. Giving the impression of Nan snuggled to her dog; caustically laughing.

With that thought in mind, I entered school. Of course as a teenager, you have weird stalkers. So as I entered this guy (in my year who pesters me 24/7 and obviously doesn't get the message I'm not interested) is all 'Oh give me a hug it's Valentines Day' and hugs me. I'm like, 'I wouldn't hug you anyday...' but before I could say that I've been hugged, and regretted it. Thank you my tired self; next V Day an early night is called for. Dance exams are certainly not lovey, dovey. These are tough. Literally just you, a camera and a eagle-eyed teacher in a vacant room. Thankfully this time around it was with a small group. So we did it once, it went okay. Wasn't as stop and start as expected. But the other girls in my group wanted a second try down to nerves. As we were jamming for the second time around, at the part 'My cherry popped' (Candyman we performed to) our form tutor and about 3 other boys walked in. We forgot the dance, they laughed and hid in one of the cupboards... with the door wide open. You wouldn't guess who one of the boys was, yes my stalker. Eurgh. If only you could pick your stalkers. Mine would be Sam Way, Zac Efron or MazziMaz. Even DanIsNotOnFire- I'd imagine he'd recreate one of those Mission Impossible moments.
Tomorrow it's #ModelMonday and I've got another debate to cause (what's new).

See ya's for tomorrow. Hope your V Day was lush. Do tell in the comments. What were in your cards this year? May I add my brother sent a girl in his class a homemade card and blushed when we arose the topic. Bless his little cotton socks! And apparently a girl in his class got a card saying 'Lick me'. She's 8...

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