Sunday, 3 February 2013

This Babe's got butter

This Babe's got butter

As I was browsing through my phone, I came across some snazzy pictures of the products I won from a giveaway; which I hadn't reviewed yet (forgetful me). I did the interview with Tanina from Babe&Butter, but didn't get round to reviewing the products!

Well I won a contest on another blog (BlueEyedOwl I think) and I was over the moon as beforehand, I saw Babe&Butter's products and knew I had to own some. Down to the superpowers of social networking, I tracked down the contest and now own the 'Caked Up' make-up bag and the fashion art badges. The designs are: Balloons in the city, Magic Kingdom and Masquerade.
From behind

The badges

Make-up bag
The bag itself is white and made from thin fabric- so if I'm honest I wouldn't put a lot of make-up in there. My make-up box is a mess and with white, well it would show up. However, I'm sure I could use it for my jewelry :) But with the bag, the design is very eye-catching and different to the normal fashion shots. You can't really see it on the picture (first time the camera's let me down!) but the colours are very vivid and sharp. The bags come in a variety of designs from saucy 'Sex Pot' to cool 'Spray Paint Socialite'. These are all $20 and Babe&Butter do ship to the UK!  
The badges are a cute addition to my blazer and I shall be wearing the Masquerade one to my outfit; at a Masquerade fashion event I'm attending this year. Badges are an awesome way to 'Upcycle' an outfit, just by  wearing a badge. The badges are super cheap at $3 for a set of 3, making them a cheap way to upgrade anything. From a backpack to a blazer. 
Babe&Butter are the company for you if you're a heel-a-holic! Who isn't?
Check out to view the whole range and more :)

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