Monday, 30 July 2012

Monday 30th July

Today was interesting. First day without babysitting! Wohoo, actual half term now. Meaning I wasted one week of my 6 weeks off. Thanks Mum. Oh well. I went to the park with the siblings, yay. I need to organise something with my friends. I'm usually the person who organises the meets and if I don't bother, our group doesn't really go. 'The Old&Wise One?' used to be mega popular and live with all her friends on the same street; so she could easily see her friends. Same with the little ones. But me, my friends live about 45 mins away, so I can't really knock for them :( Either that or I went to a scummy school. I don't mind going out with my friends but I am a tight wod. I'll admit it. I always save my money, mainly for things I'll have to save up a while for. Like Sylvia Young's or an iMac. But when you're out, you have to buy something. Normally lunch at a push. Does anyone get that? (My stinginess has saved up a LOT). I also hate going into shops I don't like, one shop in particular is a really cheap, tacky shop one of my friend loves. I'm just there doing my, 'I'm soo loving this' face. Anywho. When you're acquainted by someone you met in primary school. The cry baby of the bunch. To see they are now a chav and add a 'RARRRRRR' to the end of names (which end in A). Anyone else met that? I'm just there like, boy you've changed that scummy school changed you. She also dates a heffalump, who said, 'Do you know what 7up is?' not particulary I live on water. I just moved. LOL. She's now one of those people who find anything hilarious. Like my sister, 'Hello'. Cackle. Some people. Oh well. See ya's for tomorrow. I love yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. (See what I did there).

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