Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday 15th July

The things Youtube leads you to. One video lead me to 'Beckii Cruel'. Someone I hadn't come across before. Shame I don't look anime. My sister does. So she's 5ft8 and looks anime. GET HER! And she doesn't like dancing or fashion or modeling anyway! I could always push her and then steal her fame :) Nah, i'm not that mean. I wonder what country I could take by storm. I'm too tanned for Anime. (Comment below what country you think I suit). The sun read my blog yesterday and decided to get some exercise today, so I was wore flip flops, and my fam and I decided to take a walk into town. We took my dog with us because he needed some exercise (In other words, I was asked and I put on the 'Oh-Just-Because-I-Love-You' smile). We were walking around for ages and then suddenly I felt my foot go all squelchy and warm; no it wasn't an automatic heatwave. I looked down and my dog had pooed on my foot. I was absolutely mortified and everyone was looking at me. She even started saying, 'I knew it was a bad idea.' When she said earlier, 'Take him to town for some exercise!'.I had to find the nearest loo to clean it off, which involved walking through a restaurant. See ya's! Enjoy school tomorrow. If you're getting #ThatSundayNightFeeling it's your last for a while.

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