Monday, 23 July 2012

Monday 23rd July


Today was interesting. Magical, magical Brighton. Busy, busy, busy. Hot, hot, hot. A lot of repetition here. I hate coaches, with passion. Whenever i'm on one I just think, 'I'm not going to get off this alive!'. There must be a disease called, 'Coach lag'. Get it? Coaches just make everyone miserable, right? I SAW KATIE PRICE IN BRIGHTON! This morning I was all, 'I'll see Katie Price today'. We were walking towards ChoccyWoccyDoodah (YUM! Saw that on telly too!) and saw her pink car in traffic. I thought, no she'll have entourage it'll be a big scene when she gets out of the car (I actually only bought her books the other day, they've been dispatched. Better be good). Infact, there wasn't an entourage. Just her, Harvey & Leandro. I did want to speak to Leo, just to see if he could speak Spanish or if he was just faking it for the dosh... Have you seen the show? He honestly does make you laugh. No paparazzi. Unless teenage girls count as paps. I did want to ask for a photo; but didn't want to be rejected by Katie. Why is it always so hard to get moving shots! Oh well. ChoccyWoccyDoodah say it with cake! Cake is gorgeous there. It is a tad rich, but a delicious sponge. I've got a big fat slab in the fridge i'll be eating soon :) How's your day?

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