Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tuesday 3rd July

Today was interesting. Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I usually post around 8/8:30pm ish, but yesterday I felt like going to bed at 7pm (didn't feel well). Wasn't very helpful that next door someone forgot to clean their room and their mother fully responded. RIGHT next to my door. 'GET THAT ROOM CLEAN NOW, OR NO POCKET MONEY!' Then you get him crying because he doesn't want to, etc... Infact, whilst i'm writing this they're having a family band session. Drums, electric guitar it takes a while till they move on to the relaxing sounds of screechy, off-key flutes. 

Anyway, today we found out we had an hour to do a dance. Woop de doo. You could tell I was the most 'unexperienced' in the class, an hour isn't my style. Gotta love getting sweaty in a boiling room. Yes, radiators in a dance room? Genius. It's like wearing metal when walking through security at the airport. 

I was in French when the teacher asked the class to count to thirty in French in our heads (Fab. Stops the 'Umms' and 'erms' when saying them out loud), before we moved on to the next topic.I have a short attention span, so I had to concentrate really hard to do it and when I got to thirty, I was so proud of myself that I shouted out 'Thirty! Yay, I did it!'. Everyone looked at me like I was nuts because it turned out they had gone on to a different subject ages ago. Hence the new title and everyone had their books open... See ya's for tomorrow! 

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