Friday, 20 July 2012

Paid to use Twitter?
Bring it on. I was asked to review the brand, new (Literally, just launched yesterday!) website StyleChi.StyleChi has a unique business model. At first glance, you may be fooled into buying full price. BUT! Clicking on 'How it works' reveals the secret. StyleChi works on 'Chi points'. Chi points allow the customer to get discounted clothing. The more Chi points you earn, the more is deducted from your total. If you sit and have a play around earning some, the shop page has everything reduced. 

The big question. How can I earn Chi points? Once you create a profile (You can do this with your Facebook one), you can click 'Want more points?' to answer questions, worth 50 chi points an answer. In fact, you earn some when you register. More ways to earn chi points include:
  • Inviting your friends to StyleChi.
  • Adding members as friends.
  • Logging into the site daily.
  • Purchasing an item.
  • Liking an item
  • Adding an item to your moodboard.
As you gain more points, you may move up a level. Like a game, a game for discounted clothing. (I say discounted- the clothes are not free. They may be heavily discounted, but the people who make the clothing still need wages!). These are the levels you can achieve-
Level 1 – SC Newbie- Site wide promotional offers
Level 2 – Stylist – Random double point days
+ Level 3 – Trend Setter – Free shipping
Level 4 – Fashionista – Access to the VIP lounge which contains limited offers on high demand items
Level 5 – Fashion Icon – Personal- StyleChi shopper service & chance to win invitations to annual StyleChi events.
StyleChi is growing and is set to be a trendsetter by August. So, while you have 6 weeks off why not start saving up those points! Did you know the average human spends 10 minutes on the Internet each day? If you think that's false, like me, join StyleChi. I already have my eye on a little dress. 
(Please note: I know I don't have many male readers, but the male collection isn't in stock yet).

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