Thursday, 19 July 2012

Thursday 19th July

Today was interesting. End of term, WOOP! Boo hoo to those who have to go in tomorrow. I had a half day, (WOOO). Bit surreal thinking we have six weeks off. How bored am I gonna get? *Dream of me paintballing splatting everyone*. Very bored indeed. But going to Choccywoccydoodah in Brighton will be amazing. Can't wait to get photos- on my mum's phone. Trust me, say your friends have blackberry's and you'll get a special phone on 'loan' to prance about with. I may do one of those Facebook pictures when they get the whole bloody iPad in, looking ridiculous. It's not exactly a fan or a phone, it's a tonne. Imagine if you clicked 'Snapshot' and on the countdown you dropped it and you get a picture of yourself sneaking off... I'd laugh if someone did that. I might do that. Try the elegant, 'I'm-Holding-An-Elephant-While-Trying-To-Look-Elegant-Pose' as you do.What amazing things will you be doing this Summer? If anyone's going to the Maldives; get me some free tickets. Got some great sites to recommend to you tomorrow. How would you like to earn clothing, while sitting on Facebook? I know just as I thought. 6 Hours a day on the computer may be good for something! (Tad over-exaggerated I think, my mum disagrees). LAST DAY OF SCHOOL=REPORTS. I always get the usual, 'Quiet' 'Doesn't participate in discussion' 'Good behaviour' 'Pleasure to teach'. I'm not exactly the rebel. But, which scope (PSHE, sex ed etc)  teacher says, 'Oral work'? Not to mention we were doing condom positioning the other day. Did you know chocolate condoms, smell nice? Don't ask. On the other hand, they look like octopus (HAHA, just noticed the last bit) ink. Not impressed with my dance report. But hey, I can improve. Otherwise, i'll bribe. My free clothing will work. See ya's for tomorrow! I've now installed the 'Shop' tab on my facebook page. Oo'er.

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