Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday 13th July, oooh

Friday 13!
Today was interesting. I've been away from the Internet so long; it was practically a #ChristmasMoment when I got it back. 93 emails, fml.  Mazz videos on auto play <3 I'm having one of those days when i'm just, 'WHATEVER MAKES ME HAPPY, DO IT'. That does mean watching hot lads, on replay. Anywho, hey stranger!
Last week we had the Olympic torch come to our town. Yeah erm, we had to stay in school. In our English class there was only 5 people. We still had to go in! The night before my fam were gloating they had the day off. She even said, 'Oh you can stay off'. The next morning, 'Get a move on, you're going to be late! Stop acting like you have the day off!'. Er hello, just sat having my day off. I had to go in. Damn it.
There was also this, 'Business/Finance/Enterprise workshop' at school for the people in top set Maths. *Wave*. Before I banter: I own my own clothing line & blog (And take profit) and I've been around money all I can remember (SHOPPING!). So you'd think i'm rather qualified than say someone who asked what the word 'Enterprise' is, this person is in top set too. AND THEY GOT PICKED TO GO! The person I spend half my maths lessons explaining too. They were making t-shirts to sell, even doing radio adverts! Fashion is my forte! If Fashion was a GCSE, I would get an A*. Infact, I think it is. Imagine a course going in there and reading fashion magazines. Then answering questions like, 'Who's Tyra?'. Soo me.
I did say ungrateful brothers. Oh wait, aren't all brothers ungrateful little monsters? I won him a t-shirt and book set in a Horrid Henry contest. 'Oh wow! I can sell that on eBay'. eBay, did he just say that? I spend ages entering competitions, just to see if I can win things. Sometimes I do :) But not always the jackpot ones. In this case, I had to repeat, 'Say thank you' a million times to him. Mum even said, 'Say thank you to your sister'. Nothing. I took the t-shirt back and I think I might wear it. Even if it is a boy's t-shirt. Who cares?
See ya's for tomorrow!x Any suspicious Friday the 13th antics? A few years ago our dog went missing and we were out looking like idiots calling him on the street! LOL.

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