Saturday, 14 July 2012

Saturday 14th July

Today was interesting. I have a show on MONDAY and we had a choice of two dances to perform. One we've been learning the whole year; the other we'd learnt in 20 minutes. Guess which one we have to perform? Yars, number 2. Nightmare practicing it today. I may have to bring a Chicago stick and do my own little 'Can Can' dance in the background. A 'Can Can' is always better than just standing there. Day 2 of the Laptop reunion. What did amuse me today was I came back to picture's of guys pouting. When did that become fashionable? Quite funny seeing attractive males looking like ducks with lipstick actually... Hi weather; if you haven't realised yet it's July. Get a move on. When your mugshot (Year 6 class photo at 'prom) is posted and someone thinks, 'Hey let's comment something pointless' and you receive the notifications, forcing you to look at your unflattering, embaressing self at 'prom! Not like we were dressed as princesses or anything in terrible wigs... Badda bing badda boom. The excitement when you receive your modeling portfolio! The excitement when you asked for one in black and white and it's in colour...
See ya's for tomorrow!x
Check out my clothing line, may release some newbies tomorrow..

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