Saturday, 28 July 2012

Saturday 28th July

Today was interesting. Does anyone else get the, 'I-have-no-friends!' moment? Lets explain. I'm working tomorrow at a children's fun day thing (why I do the flyers) and my boss had someone cancel on them, so they wanted someone else to help so she asked me to ask my friends. Usually 14 year olds would be bouncing at the chance of money! Not, 'Oh i'm busy'. Busy? Could of told me hours ago! I don't wanna be there on my own! (Usually theres someone else there, who sits on their blackberry to their boyfriend. Ooh la la!). Oh well. If they cancel, I can rub in, 'I HAVE MORE MONEY THAN YOU, NA NICKY NAA NAA!). Like a 5 year old. Speaking of 5 year olds, I volunteered at the Summer Reading Challenge today, (Can never be too cool for books. Found 50 shades of grey in there! Speaking of that book, when I was on the beach handing out flyers EVERY mum had that book. Are they really that dissatisfied?). The 5 year olds are so sweet! Does bug me when the 11 year olds just read the baby books. Come on it's a challenge! You don't get the prizes for free, (You kinda do, but seriously they actually have to read!). The librarians weren't impressed when I wore a scientist, lab coat and got the Union Jack and pranced around with it. Then fell over a chair I was meant to pick up. It was a toddler chair...

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