Monday, 16 July 2012

Monday 16th July

Today was interesting. Walking into school and being told you miss Maths and R.E (YES). Being told those lessons you would be sweaty- practicing a dance you didn't know at all. Boo, hiss. So I did the rehearsals, only thing was they kept saying, 'If you're not coming to the show tonight, go back to normal lessons'. Show? Don't you love it when all the plans appear. Before it was, 'We'll be performing in a show soon.' Now it's tonight! It's like when your mum says, 'Didn't expect to see you here.' When half an hour before it was,'THE WINDOW CLEANERS COMING SOON, HOOVER UP!'. You don't say. My family never fails to entertain. Came home to a mum who did a good, 'MazziMaz' 'WHAAT' impression when I told her my show was tonight. Not pleasant when she sneezed in my face. She was all, 'I CANT TAKE YOU' I pleaded but nope. However, she did make me perform in front of her. AND my whole family. Even the siblings, who couldn't care less. How embarrassing. Oh well. See ya's for tomorrow! x

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