Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tuesday 17th July

Today was interesting. Finished my first, fashion moodboard for a 'Fragile Beauty' theme. I should really start on my other; time flies when you're busy gluing the pictures precisely on. Futuristic fashion tomorrow, yay! And the sketches for them. Eurgh. Or i'll beg my friend to draw them for me. I really do not see how i'm Gifted and Talented in Art. My sketches are literally stick men with shading in the wrong places. The praise I get is unreal. This morning was a nightmare. My friend kindly, decided to take me to school today, She was called to work early... My friend's mum's car just has two doors, so I had to push the seat forward to climb out from the back. Suddenly, I noticed my crush walking towards us. I tried to look cool by swiftly getting out of the car - only to get my foot tangled in the seat belt and fall face-first on to the pavement. Ouchies.  My friend, her brother and everyone nearby couldn't stop laughing. As you do when someone's hit them self and goes into school looking like a gargoyle.  See ya's for tomorrow!x

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