Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tuesday 24th July

Today was interesting and hot for a change. I forgot crucial parts of yesterdays blog post, 'Blogger in Brighton'. Have you ever taken your Mum into Hollister? Well, I didn't she wandered in. Anyway, she wandered in because I was taking forever. Mainly because of the lighting (Specially in the back) I tripped on one of their racks. I did the 'That's-so- Raven- I'M- OK! moment. The rather attractive staff helped me up. Bizarrely, the guy wasn't as hot as I expected. It does bug me when people say, 'Are you ok?' after you fall over something hard or say someone dies. 'Are you ok?' 'No, i'm dying in your store help me before I sue you' I felt like saying. Only thing with sueing is you have to hire expensive solicitors. I could cope with lawyers, I could be the Elle Woods of the court. Even my mum commented she couldn't see anything in the shop. Imagine me with my glasses in there. Anyway... I went shopping with my friends and we had to make a trip to the ladies. I was finished before my friend, and while I was waiting for her I saw her bag poking out from under the cubicle. I thought it would be funny to nick the bag from under the door, so I did. The door promptly flew open and a very angry lady grabbed her bag and stormed out. I ran after her apologising, but the cleaner caught me and gave me a massive lecture on how to behave in the loos! My friends just laughed at me and tutted. See ya's for tomorrow! x

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