Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Today was interesting. OMG Wednesday already! Felt like I wasted my holidays, so I thought 'Lets see Ted!'. Oh gonna see that tomorrow. Tonight i'll prepare my fake id :P Even though i'm 14 and three quarters and let's be honest they want their money; so they won't care. Anyway, I entered a contest to win a new television. AND.... I WON IT! I actually ran home (I was out eating, as per usual when I got the call). I got in (Thinking I was alone as She was out to get petrol)... So, I made up a song and dance about the TV. 'Do ray me for a TV'. Don't ask. I jumped into the kitchen to find myself surrounding by serious, looking people in suits. Looking at me, in my PJ's, singing like a Glee star. Awkward. In total there must have been about six of them all having a very deep discussion! For about 30 seconds, there was complete silence until my Mum burst out laughing and they all joined in! I ran out of the room with my face feeling as if it was on fire! Oh well. Off to get a fake ID printed, I sound like one of those movies. I asked She, 'Could I pass for 15?'. 'Nah, fat chance of that. You can bearly make it into the 12s.' Thanks. Good job she knows the clerks at the cinema. See ya's for tomorrow. 

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