Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday 29th July

Today was interesting. Hey we got bored <  More videos to come. I decided my own vids weren't going anywhere- and they were quite offensive (Not like these wont be. LOL). Jokes we created, copyrighted boomting. We call ourselves 'NerdAndDiva' which one do you think I am? Anyway, Youtube's new and it's confuzzling. Slipping in a puddle. Not cool. At work. Worse. Not cool when your jacket gets muddy and your in stupid, ballet flats, without socks (I know, thought it was going to be Summery. It was at home actually, till we got home...). They had photographers there, so we got on their set and partied. Then the lady came over and started trying to sell us stuff. Quite expensive stuff tho. Anywho, typical English weather. But, that means cupcakes can be delivered to my house cheaply :) I didn't have two delicious cupcakes at work in my break... See ya's for tomorrow!

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