Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wednesday 25th July

Today was interesting. Free books arrived this morning :) No, not 50 shades of grey. Although, I may have to read it. Anywho, who's seen the weather? It's gorgeous! What's greater is I get paid to sunbathe. Oh yes baby. Anywho, I watched all my recorded stuff today including; BINTM (Bit boring tbh. They rely on guest stars and the models aren't eyecatching anyway), Thelma's gypsy girls (someone deleted this weeks ep! Not impressed, but it's fascinating) & Katie. But, I AM IN LOVE WITH SMASH! Smash is a US show about the drama backstage- when producing a musical. I am loving it, mainly because it consists of everything I love. I got a bit bored of Glee... Smash is singing, dancing and very bitchy. Shows all the competition and what you have to do to get the roles. Competition's fierce. 'Bombshell' is the title for the musical (in the show) and it's all about Marilyn! WOOP! Teen wolf is rather attractive too. Turn it on for hot men running around shirtless. Anywho, see ya's for tomorrow. I might have to release some new t-shirts soon. New designs are ready :) AND some comps too! Enjoy your Summer darlings.

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