Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tuesday 28th August

Today was interesting. Well today I went bowling. Woo. Surprisingly, I got three spares and won the game! :) But, there's always a but. Ever had a wimpy sibling? Well, he just couldn't take losing. So he was sat there getting all the affection, on the other side of the lane with the other family members. Whilst I was sat- looking at the scoreboard- on my own. Making me look like the evil sister. How rude. We went to a mini golf course aswell, a pirate themed one. With the broken down boats and various obstacles. The obstacle we had to overcome was the people behind us. Sauntering in the minute we were on the specific hole; not our fault we're not Tiger Woods, therefore we take forever. Then when my wimpy, little brother took 7 turns they sniggered to themselves. My Mum had to do a,'Who do you think you are dismaying my children!' thing. Embaressing. Specially when there was a rather attractive bunch of guys behind them. My age, top off, raybans. Phwoar. Then his friends weren't that bad either. But, when you have a crying child next to you. Bit awkward to make eye contact without him thinking, 'Wtf is she doing?!'. A screaming child I must say. It always happens doesn't it. You can be sat in peace, reading a magazine and someone bursts in crying. And you have to do the, 'Fake-Smile-I-Love-You-So-Much-But-Really-Now?' act. If the really hot guy recognises me email me *cough* attach topless photos. See ya's for tomorrow!x

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