Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday 21st August

Today was interesting. Why is it whenever i'm on a water ride, vigorously splashing my siblings with water, I always end up drenched myself? Quite a funny theory actually. Also a bit awkward when there's a teeny tiny dryer in the toilets, you're there just in weird dance moves trying to dry yourself. When a little girl walks over and can dry herself fully, just by standing there. Hm. Oh well. Awkward moment you have an admirer, who refers you to a Kardashian. Not for the most flattering reasons... Watched a bit of the inbetweeners, the thorpe park episode is hysterical.  Did puzzle me, why disabled people would be allowed on a thrill ride. Anyway. I wore white today, as you do. But. I did also order a chocolate milkshake. Gulped it down and down quickly, just to run to the queue. As I sat down, I noticed it looked like my mouth accommodated a chocolate fountain down my crisp, white t-shirt. How delectable. Oh well. Bought my new school pencil case and school bag! I'm thinking of actually doing a 'haul' with it. Maybe. See ya's for tomorrow! x

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