Thursday, 9 August 2012

Thursday 9th August

Today was interesting. I feel like I've been so distant from the blog lately.I've taken up a new project- it's hard work! I thought it was Monday today. We had to go and meet family today, fishing. Fishing isn't glamorous. Tbh, we were unsure why we went. Oh yeah, because the little bro wanted to go. Boys always just expect you'll drop everything for them? Even when he was bribed with a new game, he still wanted to get dirty.  I was sat by my fishing rod with my phone in my lap, as a ditzy teenager would do. All of a sudden my line started going mad and I'd caught a huge fish, so I jumped up. That was completely unexpected. And the brother hadn't caught anything, why couldn't he get the fishes I didn't want. In my hurry my phone flew off my lap and into the canal, and in that moment I panicked - I dropped the rod and dived into the canal after my phone. I didn't think about what I was doing, but as it was an expensive phone (Not the phone on the left, I've upgraded) and my only way of contact to the teenage society, away from the thought of fishing. I did eventually get it, but I was unsure if I completely wanted it when I got it back. 'Ewww!' was my reaction. See ya's for tomorrow!

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