Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wednesday 15th August

Today was interesting. I decided to sneak into a 15 today with my friends, and there older brothers. So we actually got in this time to see the hilarious movie. I was at the cinema with my mates and a group of cute boys from my class, and we were all having a great time. I knew one of them fancied me aswell, all the more great! After getting some drinks and popcorn, as we headed to our screening (trying not to drop the popcorn), I heard someone calling my name...I turned round to see my grandma heading towards us - great. Grandma knew about the cinema? Grandma goes to the cinema? #Worrying I had a big cup of cola in my hand, and because my grandma hates me drinking sugary things in case they rot my teeth, she started shouting at me, saying, 'What are you doing with a fizzy drink after lunchtime?! I'm telling your mum!' Yet she allows me to go to her aladdins cove of sweet things. All nans seem to have big fridges filled with crap. When I got home, my Mum laughed and was all, 'You naughty girl. What was Nan doing at the cinema?'.The mystery remains. Guess what? There was also a community fair on today. It really emphasised the word community. There were charity stalls throughout. My sister came back with a bag full of muffins  and free pens. NONE for me. She even gloated, 'They had free flapjacks'. So I went, and the people looked at me like I was speaking alien. No-one can keep me away from free cake. So, since the little sis didn't get me any. I made muffins for everyone but her. Oh then she was jealous. See ya's for tomorrow! x

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