Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday 12th August

Today was interesting. Do you get it when you're doing a Beyonce style move on Zumba in the privacy of your own bedroom, then your little sister's boyfriend just happens to walk past your room and peak in? I have a feeling my sister is dating peeping Tom. Good for her. Although, when she's on Skype to her ex boyfriend when her current one's sitting right next to her... awkward. She seems to get all the guys and she's only 11! His bike got stolen aswell, haha serves him right for peeping in at my workout. Can't a girl shimmy in peace! Doesn't satisfy me that at that point, I was trying to drink a big mouthful while moving. So the water splashed down my t-shirt, making it look like I had been having a sweat session. I had been doing it for 20 minutes, but I was in a dark t-shirt so it wouldn't of shown. But, water exposes itself! Like my picture? I had a play about on photoshop. Went for the shiney effect.

Can't wait to see Kate Moss on the catwalk tonight. I'll only be tuning in for the fashion show, then i'll tune in to the gypsy fashion show. I'll admit, Thelma's gypsy show has been my guilty pleasure. My Mum's is The Only Way Is Essex- I'm sure its yours too. She always turns it on and says she's only watching it because, 'You have to see it to believe it' and it's funny. Those gypsies on Thelma have loads of Lipsy stuff, i'm just sat their thinking, 'Mum...'. See ya's for tomorrow! The day the whole of England returns to crap TV.

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