Friday, 10 August 2012

Friday 10th August

Today it's FRIDAY. But it doesn't really matter as it's the holidays! It's such a work out shooting chewbacca. Not how it sounds, but it was a work out running with my weapon. Shooting others. Just kidding. Although, my player name was 'Warrior' and 'Sniper' so I did think I had the advantage and would win the game. Nah, I didn't win it. Because Chewbacca wasn't this hairy, monster it was a little boy, who clearly knew how to use his weaponry. Just to satisfy everyone- I endured LAZER TAG. Which does involve weaponry. I think i'm a big kid sometimes, a little too big for shooting kids, who obviously had aim and precision in their shots. A bit worrying for ten year olds. But, everything's worrying about children nowadays. Some of them have a very colourful vocabulary. My brother for ones does. He loves Family Guy but never understands it. I sometimes have to say that meth is an exotic dish from some foreign country, so it's rarely spoken of here and shouldn't be spoken of. If you do you're cursed. Well, it saves him from saying to his mother, 'MUM, can we have meth for dinner?'. He's nine, just so everyone's aware. He still believes in curses, from his mummy. See ya's for tomorrow!

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