Saturday, 25 August 2012

Saturday 25th August

Today was interesting. A few subjects I want to tell today. Firstly- Congratulations to everyone who done well with their GCSE results, including my beautiful cousin, already receiving university offers! If you didn't do so well, meh. Say you walked it. Me on the other hand, oblivious we got them lolol. I was at Thorpe Park, screaming my way. I got texts from friends saying, 'DID YOU DO WELL?'. Yeah I survived Nemesis Inferno, OH YEAH! Then they all gave me miserable emoticons- as if i'm meant to ask how they did, implying they flunked. No thanks. Does bug me when people you haven't spoken to in ages are all 'How are you?' and you reply, 'Fine, you?' and they give you their sad life story. I mean; it's a tad rude, right? Especially if it's someone you don't even talk to at school. I don't get paid to be a counsellor peeps! Jeez. Being at Thorpe Park on results day, shows how much I care about my education. I wasn't going to go into school in my holidays. It was mainly for the higher years anyway. If I did walk in my Mum would probably have a go at staff. If you get good grades, top sets- they put you on a Foundation paper! Fiddle sticks. I'm actually considering hiring a tutor to get A*'s.
Next on the agenda, crushes. Is it appropriate for someone to text behind your back (To your best friend) saying you look like a Kardashian, with big jugs. Oh hell to the naw. Then to comment on your FB picture, ' Probably the best looking girl in school an most likely [Where I live here] x ;)'. Bit creepy.Awkward moment you sit next to them in lessons. Bring on the humiliation. Yeah, not like he's a player... 

Next, SCHOOL BAG IS ORDERED! WOOP! Free delivery. One thing, means school is looming. Dun dun duuuun. See ya's for tomorrow!x

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