Friday, 24 August 2012

Jewel of the day

Sour Cherry Vintage Retro Camera Necklace (Long 60cm/24inch chain)Who likes two VINTAGE jewels of the day? I do. Let's look at part one.
Snap, snap! This is for all the show stoppers out there. Who like to capture amazing outfits! Here's Sour Cherry's (AMAZING brand name!) vintage retro camera necklace. Or they do it as a ring format. Imagine doing a fist pound with that, ouchies. Or do a Spongebob and Patrick one, where fireworks happen. lolol. I have to admit, it is rather expensive and way over the £10 budget but, if you still want vintage stay tuned for the next blog post tonight. VINTAGE WAY CHEAPER AFTER!! As £11 on jewellery isn't me either. I'm more, under £3 tbh. Still, if you want a close-up (see what I did there? Camera, close-up) of the camera, click on the link below.

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