Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday 23rd August

Today was interesting. I swear i'm going to throw this laptop against the wall soon! It says I have 'excellent' Internet connectivity, but it's so slow! Honestly, I think my Gran could walk faster than it takes to get a page to load! No offence Gran. But yeah.  I was going to the park and I was going to casually 'bump into' my crush, who I knew was soo going to be there. In a children's playground... Bit of a weird place to hang but hey ho. Parents look at you a bit strange when you run around and scream 'HIGHER, HIGHER!' on the swing. As I walked to the park, I double checked I looked good- like the vain teenager I am (Spots are like devils, poking there red faces everywhere!) . I stopped near a blacked out car window to check my face and realised I had a huge bogey, so with the help of the car window, I quickly picked it out and flicked it away. To my horror, a man rolled down the window and stared at me. I ran all the way to the park, and when I got there my crush said I looked sunburnt. So I acted like I was sunburnt... See ya's for tomorrow!x

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