Thursday, 30 August 2012

Thursday 30th August

Today was interesting. Got some more work done on 'The Project' woo. Since I was fatigued from a loooong day of wetting my pants on rollercoasters the night before. Some freaks from school also called out my name (Well I'm not sure who they were tbh) when I was at the front of a 60minute queue. Then they thought let's Q-jump and try to get with her. Didn't get themselves anywhere. Security took them away for Q-jumping, hahahah. I must point out my name is top secret and not even the name attached to my business email address. Oh well. Back to being fatigued. Fatigued is actually a lovely word to say, fatigued. In french its pronounced 'Fatty gay'. Now then. I was about to have a nice, soothing, relaxing long bath, so was in the bathroom with a book and a glass of citrus, lemonade.I'd put my drink on the floor, but tripped and knocked it over. I shouted, 'Oh, no!' without really thinking about it, and grabbed what I thought was a flannel to start mopping it up quickly and frantically.All of a sudden, my brother and his three friends (who are all in my class) burst into the room.  My brother asked if I was okay, because he'd heard me shouting, so I replied, 'I had an accident'. They all started laughing and I all of a sudden went into a frenzy.  To make matters worse, my 'flannel' was actually a pair of my brother's underpants, which were now dripping wet. Not in that way. He's too young for that, yet. LOL.See ya's for tomorrow. 

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