Friday, 3 August 2012

Friday 3rd August (August already!)

Today was interesting. DAMN IT! Didn't tell you about the scenario at the cinema yesterday. Well, I didn't get in to the 15. Cheeky staff. They allow you to purchase tickets- fine. You go up to get in; they mention ID. They could've said that when I handed my money over! Funny thing was there were no coats about, when we 'fainted' he didn't move away from his post and there wasn't a crowd we could sneak in with. Cover blown. We even complimented his bed-head hairdo. Nothing. Funny things was there were a load of other teenagers, without ID, who didn't get in aswell. I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of cheesed off teenagers now. Also, got told I was 'really fit' by someone who really wasn't. Awks. I guess doing the prank call saying, 'Darling I'm pregnant' to him earlier in the week was a bit... Oh well. I didn't come up with it. See, if my bezzie (Nerd) did it she'd be found out, but if I do it I don't get found out. Oh yeah babes. We had this painter round our house today, he even said 'Those kids should be helping me.' Yeah, what do we pay YOU to do? Work. He also made my poor mummy with a bad back work. She's now ruined her back thank you very much. He was just there chatting all day aswell. Me helping? LOL. Having a laugh. Us kids don't work. We sit. See ya's for tomorrow! x HCO Summer gear all the way. Bright colours to show off that 'impeccable' tan.

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