Sunday, 31 March 2013

Facebook mini games!

Facebook mini-games!

I saw a fan page recently doing all sorts of mini games on their Facebook page so I tried it today on ours. It went well, actually. To be honest I didn't think anyone would participate so I'm chauffed quite a few of you did! We did go up 6 likes, but quickly went down 6 likes; so if I was going to do it next time it'd probably be we'd have to have a certain amount of likes for a game. Considering it was bank holiday too made it more worthwhile as you could've been with family but decided to play a game with us! Unlikers really bother me as it takes ages for likes to build up and they quickly demolish. In my mind I always think whats the point? But hey some of our posts went 'viral' which was quite an interesting prospect.

The games were quite fun to host- I got a bit too excited by misspelling one of the rounds! On the other fan page they did prizes like edits of favourite characters, chibi's and various other graphics. I'm still new to graphics so mine were test runs! Some people were expecting real prizes but I did state they would be graphics. Although I may post discount codes for my shop. ( Just cos I can :)

Would love to receive your feedback on the games. They're just there to connect with the Stylista's more and liven up the Facebook page. If you're a new Stylista remember to like us at:

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