Monday, 11 March 2013

Monday 11th March

Hi Stylista's!

Thank you to Michelle Hicks and Ellie Walker (who was going to say the same thing bless her!) for the new fan name. Now, if you read ArrayO'Style you're officially a Stylista. Loving it. Loving the Stylista's. Asta la vista Stylista's. See it works? That HAS to go on a t-shirt. Speaking of t-shirts, check out there's discounts on most items but tomorrow I'll be working on designing the S/S 2013 line. Great stuff.

Why am I posting? Just an update as the posts haven't really been written as they are normally. I know excuses, excuses. I did miss most of fashion week too... :( This week I should start recapping them, maybe I'll do a video? I tried it before but might work...

Anyway. Besides the boring shizzle. What happens when Mum decides to go on a rollercoaster? Long story short, as it was Mother's day yesterday (Hope any mums had a lovely day, daughters hope you bought good pressies!). Our theme park did a 'Bring your Mum for free entry' thing. Our family being bargain hunters (apart from me, hence some of the stuff in my room) went. This was when it was supposedly the hottest day of the year so far, look what it's like today. A blizzard, then it takes a break for 10 minutes, then back again. And it's always when you're outside that it starts again. Eh typical British weather. Bet the Australian Stylista's are thinking 'Phew we're just chilling here tanning, it's probably 100 degrees. In your face Brits!' I would be, lul. Yeah, so I convinced my Mum to go on the fastest ride there. She was feeling very 'daredevil' today- I wasn't being mean! So I went on it, despite being a bit anxious myself. I soon wish I didn't let her go on... As soon as it started, we weren't even moving- she was screaming her head off. I thought, 'Great'. When we actually started moving, she threw up on the lady in front. When the ride finished (and she was exiting and Mum was trying to offer her tissues etc) it turned out the lady was my English teacher! She looked horrified. Any other day, fine. But it's so close to parent's evening. PARENT'S EVENING. Bribery's okay right?

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