Sunday, 24 March 2013



The prom theme isn't deliberate this week- just taking the content as it comes. Ever wondered what models wore to prom? Well to the models who weren't working during prom.

Kelly Mittendorf

I love Kelly and she favourited my tweet not so long ago! So Kelly if you're reading, we love you! Kelly is the one in the 'Little black dress' on the right; already posing for the camera! "For my senior prom, I went stag in a group with some of my closest friends. I happened to randomly find my dress in a thrift store, and my older sister made me try it on just for fun. It wound up being perfect! It was formal-looking, but short and young! I loved the lead-up to prom—being able to go shopping with my friends, the planning of our pre-prom dinner, and everything right up until we all took photos together. It was nice to let loose and enjoy ourselves!" The 5ft10 beauty now models prom dresses!
Karlie Kloss

The Kloss towered over her prom date at her prom! But the date is obviously smitten with Karlie as a date. Bless they're both grinning. Young love. I wonder if that changed when she got famous? The newest Victoria's Secret Angel chose orange for her prom dress; good job she wasn't wearing orange fake tan. That would've been awkward. Now with her short hair- she hasn't changed much! "It was special to be able to wear dresses fresh off the runway to my high school dances! Everyone else would have similar dresses from various local boutiques and department stores, and I would have one-of-a-kind creations. Even though nobody else ever knew who or what I was wearing, I did, and it always made me feel like a princess."

Jacquelyn Jablonski

The runway star looks simple yet understated, going for a 'Little white dress' to prom. Standing next to her sister, they do look very similar don't they? "I chose a white BCBG dress. I decided on white because I had worn a mint green dress the year before and felt like everyone wears color. Also, I could accessorize more with white—I wore my mom's big vintage necklace. One of my favorite prom memories was having my sister with me! She is two years younger than me, but she was invited to my senior prom, so we were able to enjoy the experience together. A not-so-favorite memory of the night was my date leaving me early at the dance!"

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