Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Rants, as per usual

Ethno by Hola hola hola Stylista's.

No I'm not abroad in sunny Spain (unfortunately) I'm home ill. Yay. There must be a vomiting bug going around. Night before it was my sister, last night it was me and my brother. I thought it was the McDonald's I scoffed prior. It wasn't bizarrely. I was ready to complain to MD's (thinking it was). It's weird as I haven't been proper sick, sick for ages. My cold has departed and now I have a fab bug. Yay. What makes it worse is that the day I was so 'sick to eat' Mum ordered my FAVOURITE takeaway. Chinese if you were asking. To make me 'feel better' I ate a small portion of rice. Literally the width of a
bottle of water. I haven't been sick... yet today so hopefully it's gone. But seriously Mum chinese tonight- of all nights? Technology was banned today but I did manage to beg to watch Dan's YouNow show. Course the website decides to crash so I've resulted to ranting on here. (Yay for you). Yes I am part of the #Llarmy and a part time danosaur. Part time as I blog full time.
Hasta la vista Stylista's :)

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