Saturday, 16 March 2013

Today was interesting. Injection day. I swear this always happens in school. I may not be a drama queen on the outside, but on the inside I'm secretly wetting myself at the thought of things. Like injections and exams. It's always, walk in relaxed and chilled about it. Not necessarily wanting to speak about it (thus making the thought worse). It's like a jungle in school. Everyone's going ballistic at the thought of it. The Mexican wave effect I like to call it. Now you're a bit twitchy at the thought of it. Sounding familiar? Anyway, when I actually got into the room I did start to feel sick. Sadly, if I was sick my mum would probably be at work so I'd be left at school. I'd probably get an extra dose of the jab. The lady started talking to me about the summer holidays (hurry up summer!) and asked where are you going. I replied with 'Sp' and paused. Then over- exaggerated the 'PAINNN' sound afterwards. Okay I didn't scream. But there was an awkward part where I did feel the Pain in Spain. As I walked out of the classroom, I sauntered past the quivering teenagers awaiting their jabs. What did I do? Held my arm tightly  acting like it did put the Pain in Spain. When really it was the ice in Iceland.  Quite funny when you see the boys do the whole 'I'm manly, a little injection is no match for my manliness' then they sit in the waiting room and look as if they want Mummy to come and collect them. Turns out one of the 'bad boys' who smoke and what not did actually get their mum to pick them up. Ooosh.

Have been a tad uninspired lately, therefore not many posts. But I shall be posting more frequently this week.
Hasta la vista Stylista's!
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