Friday, 5 April 2013


Just an update!

Last year I entered the 'Company blogger awards' for the first time. I didn't really expect much as the blog wasn't that old and I was very new to the blogosphere. This year I am still new to the blogosphere-ish. But they've released a 'Under 18s' category which is perfect for me! Being under 18. I know my blog may not be as amazing as the other blogs nominated, but I'd appreciate it if you nominated ArrayO'Style. I truly love blogging and it's made me feel so much better about myself and what you can achieve with hard work and time. This picture is on the left hand side of the blog somewhere, so if you could click that I'd be so happy! It takes under 5 minutes so it's not a lot to do.

Another update is that we are very close to reaching '1000 posts'. Which is amazing! For this achievement we have decided that if we reach 100 followers, I shall do a huge giveaway. So do follow our blog!

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