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Halloween Recipe

Hola Stylistas!

So I haven't posted in ages, as in a proper blog post. My last post (Entitled 'My Stylish Saturday') was for a competition and it'd be cool if you all read it as hopefully that would boast my chances up a tad :) The link will be at the bottom of this post x

Wow shameless promotion over... It's 12 days till Halloween, which is frighteningly less than two weeks. Halloween falls during half term and today it's a day kids go out and beg for candy (guilty of this), classy isn't it? Or when girls who wear barely anything can get away with it (Like as shown in Mean Girls, the best girl movie EVA). Or the day when you can walk into the shop and buy candy ridiculously cheap, without the effort of 'Trick or Treating'. There's always one who is on a 'diet' when it comes around to Halloween time and boy that must be hard. *Hands a gold medal*. So today I got my Nigella on and culminated scarily good strawberry treats for you :) They're more fruit than sugar so you can indulge a bit.

Creepy Chocolate Coated Strawberries:
Halloween Chocolate Covered Strawberries 12ct
This recipe starts off  with the middle design and takes each strawberry in turns. Then you adapt this to a batch. It's just easy to describe the single designs.

You will need:
  • Ripe strawberries that will make a witch jealous
  • Meltable chocolate- White and Milk flavours
  • Orange and black sprinkles
  • Orange food colouring
  • A piping/icing bag
  • Orange food colouring
  1. Starting with the easiest design, melt your milk chocolate. It's quicker to melt it in the microwave than on the hob. Break the chocolate bar (or pour chocolate chunks) into a microwave proof bowl. Put this bowl into the microwave and take it out every 30 seconds to stir. It normally takes just over 2 minutes. For the melting on the hob method, you put your microwaveable bowl over boiling water and stir. This method isn't as safe as the microwave method and does take longer. 
  2. Whilst you're waiting for the chocolate to melt, wash and dry the strawberries, ready for dunking!
  3. Once the chocolate is melted and cooled; take your first strawberry and dunk it in the chocolate! Make sure it's coated the whole way round. Put the strawberries in a safe container and try to sit them upwards, so the leaves are on the bottom of the container. This way the chocolate won't look messy.
  4. Once you've coated the strawberries, mix in a little drop of orange food colouring into your chocolate. Only enough to get the colour orange as you don't want an overpowering taste of food colouring, yuck. Once your strawberries have cooled, coat half of the strawberry into the orange chocolate. Let these dry and move on to your next design.
  5. Next, melt your white chocolate (by following step one if you can't remember!) and prepare your strawberries for dunking.
  6. Dunk your strawberries into the white chocolate then sprinkle orange and black sprinkles over them.
  7. Leave to cool then dip the rest of your strawberries into the rest of the milk chocolate. Using your orange chocolate from earlier, fill a piping bag with this and you may want to melt some more milk chocolate (if you've ran out). Using the piping bag, ice chocolate lines onto your chocolate canvas. Rotate between the two colours.
Yummy and eerily delish :) Below are low cost utensils/ingredients that were used during the tutorial, so check them out and here is the link to 'My Stylish Saturday' post:

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