Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Nailart is all I want for Xmas.

Ho ho ho! Santa and his elves are preparing his bulging,sack for that dreaded trek across the world. 
Whilst we're sat here busy bodying making sure our Christmas presents are here in time for Christmas. Ironic right? 
Gosh I haven't written in ages... I haven't even had time to shop for clothes, yet alone Xmas pressies recently. Bit ironic really for someone who has a 'fashion blog' and is known as a 'fashion blogger'. The fashion blogger who can't shop- interesting news headline. Ambiguous in a sense. Okay life story over, I thought as Halloween's crafts were late- I'd post up a nail art tutorial as my other Christmas ones are a bit outdated. You can check them out by clicking on the 'Nail tutorials' label at the side of my blog or by checking via my Facebook photo album. A Facebook link should be on the side here <<<

Tree-rific Nails!
These nails are so easy yet effective to do that you'll be jingling all the way in comparison to your elves.
You will need:
  • White/nude nail varnish
  • Dark green nail varnish
  • Green glitter nail varnish
  • A clear base and top nail polish (You can sometimes get polishes that are two in one, just use whatever works for you)
  • Sticky tape
  • Gold glitter star stickers- you can use whatever colour you like.
  • Nail dryer- optional
  1. Firstly, apply a clear base coat onto your nails. Allow these to dry naturally or you can use a nail dryer, then apply two coats of your nude or white coloured nail varnish. Leave to dry.
  2. Now the sticky part, place your sticky tape in a V shape across your nails- to make a triangle, as shown in the picture. 
  3. Keep the sticky tape in shape, now paint the triangle within the V dark green, using your dark green nail varnish- I'd advise painting for at least 2 coats. I say dark green as it gives a deeper colour for a base, but you can use whatever's lying around in your make-up bag. Leave this coat to dry then apply a glittery green nail varnish coat over the dark green base. Leave this to dry.
  4. This is when it gets fiddly, remove your sticky tape and get your gold glitter stickers ready. You then stick a star on top of your Christmas tree. Check the packet instructions as sometimes they need to be glued manually. 
  5. Instagram, tweet and show off your nails!

Products used/could be used in this tutorial:

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