Saturday, 27 April 2013


It's the 1000th blog post! Woo. I wanted to create the number '1000' in nail varnish and donuts. You can see how that turned out above ^ Firstly even before the post I came on here to see my blog stats rocket up to almost 1000. So by the end of today I'd be elated if we got nearer the 1000 figure. It just goes to show you're as excited as I am! I even showed my 10 year old brother and he went 'HOLY SH!T'. Mum turned around to say 'No swearing' then she looked and swore too. Yes pretty normal family aren't we.

This post I wanted to be reflective; but not boring reflective :) 1000 posts is a lot in blog years and I wanted to show you all what's been popular, who reads etc. Also showing the journey it took and how we've changed in 1000 posts. In other words you'll see the rubbish posts too aha. A bit of an award show style post. Here's the links to the most read articles, so if you're new have a read. Obvs the giveaways have ended!
So the winners for the most popular blog posts are *cue drum roll*...

  1. TOWIE no makeup! - 21st Dec 2011
  2. Win with Butterfly Twists! - 12 Mar 2012
  3. Model 'Monday' - 5 Feb 2013 Kelly Mittendorf read this post too! #Fangirling
  4. Amazing bags :) - 11 Jan 2012
  5. I think Bella Thorne has been copying m - 23 Jul 2012
  6. Runway - 3 Jan 2012
  7. Another diva. - 8 Jan 2012
  8. Star fever agency - 29 Jan 2012
  9. Win - 19 Feb 2013
  10. Claireabella time - 1 Oct 2012
All time top audiences! In order,
United Kingdom

United States






New Zealand


Our top traffic sources. Let's give back to them!
And our funniest search keyword has to be '"wet myself in school"'. Seriously. When people search that we come up? Lol. 

Special mentions go to all our giveaway donators so far, to Dolly Magazine. Who really united us with Aussie fans. I 
really want to go to Australia and hug everyone who read that article and decided to read us. Well I want to hug everyone
who reads us but when you see a link in a magazine you'd rarely read it so thank you for everyone who bothered to!
It's launched us worldwide and you never know, might be famous in Australia one day. Imagine saying that at school.
That reminds me, a blog tour will be in the future. If you never got round to reading the magazine article it's here:

Favourite segment well I'll put that down to you readers. What's been your favourite thing about ArrayO'Style email/tweet 
us at or @ArrayOStyle and we'll put your comments in this post!

Another thing I wanted to mention is the fans. Many fans have emailed saying their views, but these few girls struck
out from the crowd. So if they're watching and having a 'Pinch me' moment smile!
Shall be baking cakes later, might be able to make a 1000 out of cakes. Maybe. Never say never. Thanks for reading the last 1000 posts, I hope you stay for another 1000 more. Hope you have fun reading the most viewed posts, maybe tweet your favourite posts too :)

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  1. I most definitely did just have a 'pinch me' moment, and am now left with a big smile on my face! Thank you Kheira. :) xx