Friday, 5 April 2013

Nail heart hero!

Nail heart!

Everyone has an annoying habit at one stage in their life. Biting nails, biting lips, sucking thumbs, a painful addiction to chocolate, procrastinating. You can outgrow habits, but I've had an annoying habit since I was little and it hasn't budged at all. I bite the skin around my nails. Gross you're probably thinking, but my teeth aren't strong enough to bite the actual nail. Weird but incredibly annoying. Might as well admit to you that I never model in my nail tutorials either. My nails are that bad. I have to get my sister to nail model for me! After like an hour of persuading she will finally agree. After a push from Mum we decided to find a nail biting varnish to put around the nail, which gives off a bitter taste when you try to bite it. After the raving reviews from Amazon customers we trialed 'Mavala STOP' varnish for three weeks.

The bottle is only 5 ml and I did think 'Three weeks? I'm not refilling if it doesn't work!' when it arrived. The verdict, I still continue my habit. The varnish does produce a bitter taste. But as I drink a lot of water, It's easy to drain the taste out. I shouldn't really have tried it, but as water is part of my routine I had to drink it. So the spray could've been a bit more, bitter and water proof. If that makes sense. Maybe I should've trialed it longer but as a nail biter, I could easily break those boundaries.

The next obstacle I faced with the varnish is mealtimes. As the varnish is completely translucent, I recommend ditching finger foods. As the taste can prevent the 'finger licking goodness' of your edibles. The unpleasant taste will wake you up. Well if a fight will break out for the last foods, I wonder how you could get your hand on them... :)

The point of this article is to say that habits can die down quickly for some people, or not very quickly for others. The varnish has worked well on young children but as I'm a teenager, I'll have to persist with more varnishes. The verdict is that I still bite my nails, but I haven't been doing it recently. So the varnish must be working. If you feel like taking the varnish challenge check out the product below:

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