Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday's Freshest

Friday's Freshest

Is our newest segment, basically saying what I'm rating or slating.
This week I'm loving mint. Tops, nail varnish and just anything with the colour. It's such a spring/summer colour and I can imagine it being encompassed into someones wardrobe at some point this year. Kim Kardashian's recently said she's loving emerald. But I haven't seen emerald around as much as it's bigged up to be. However, with the recession still present nail polish is becoming the new lipstick. Sales are increasing and currently mint is a top seller. It's light, fresh and versatile. Just perfect for that quaint outfit and it's not too vibrant for school too. I've done a bit of sneaking nail varnish on and well, mint makes a different to the boring nude. Here's mint in it's many forms, hope it sparks your interest as much as it does mine!

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