Monday, 1 October 2012

Claireabella time

Time for a review!
Recently ToxicFox, the guys known for personalised goods, approached me offering the chance to review a Claireabella bag (As seen on TV!). After feeling flattered (Mainly because they said my blog was awesome!) I kindly took on the task. As everyone knows I am a bit of a Claireabella addict and I shouldn't really be biased. But hey. I'll act like a newbie to the brand. 
As you can see from my photogenic 'aBella'. ClaireaBella is all about designing your own little 'aBella' who you can dress in whatever you choose, or go for a bizerk hair colour you've never tried. I would do that as the red hair is gorgeous (Very Ariana Grande) but normal people just stick to their own colouring. Quite a shame as by seeing the blonde babeAbella, she's a cutie. Such a rambler aren't I? As you can see the bag I have (well in this review, not my 15 odd ones, LOL) is a Classic Polo Jute. Polo's are the very small ones. Width is 21cm and height is 15Cm  (The size of those small rulers). So when you're out partying, raving whatever and need the essentials: Phone, sweets (duh), money. That's mine, but if you take forever, and bring your whole make-up kit with you, invest in a Classic Large Jute. I own one too (Really not helping the newbie vibe am I?) I've used them for a schoolbag and they fit everything. Downside is they wear out after about a terms worth of use. I don't exactly carry a load either: Planner, pencil case, revision guide and a random exercise book. So try not to wear them out! It's tempting. 
On first glance you see the trademark eyelashes- larger than the average eyelashes. Trust me this aBella must have the best mascara ever. Well jel (Amy Childs got me started on the addiction! Unlikely style icon much). I've actually been told I look like my bag, must admit these are bags for divas. I was walking through a vintage fair and as I walked through the stalls, everyone I thought was staring at me. How vain am I sometimes< They weren't, they were staring at my bag. So from first hand experience, best bag to take around. Even happened at school, yeah in your faces people who carry Paul's Boutique. Even the teachers, which was a bit awks. 
Back to the bag. Love it. I think the one thing which was a little distracting on the bag, was the way 'Claireabella' was crammed on to it. So I recommend going for a name with less letters on the side as it is a small bag. Beware to being addicted whilst looking extremely fabulous.
ToxicFox (No they're not poisonous!) also produce hooded jackets, mobile phones socks/covers and 'diva' diaries which are hot to becoming the Christmas essential. (Already on my list!). In general, ToxicFox were 90% of my birthday pressies, lol. Should do a birthday haul video or something when I get time. 
Check out for more! They're on facebook, aswell as @ClaireabellaLTD and @ToxicFox
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