Friday, 22 August 2014

The Summer Tag

1. Favourite bronzer for summer?

I'm not really a make-up girl, (she says looking at the rest of these questions and realising this is rather inappropriate) and I think with the summer heat enriching your skin that bronzer will just melt on your face. Imagine, your sweat drenched from the sun with make-up on it. And as every girl (and occasional) guy knows; make-up makes you feel the opposite of 'fresh'/ 

2. You're relaxing in a hammock on a tropical island, what are you sipping on?
Tough question as I'm normally just a water girl (not literally, I hate swimming haha) but it depends how lazy the sun makes my mood, if so I'll just grab an old-skool Capri-Sun to prevent moving drastically. 

3. Favourite summer lip product?
My favorite summer lip product is the Kiehl's Lip Balm SPF4 'Sunscreen' in mango as it's non greasy and keeps these lips hydrated- with the tantalising taste of mango remaining for a good time length. 

4. Pool or beach?
If I was on holiday, it would have to be the beach as pool's are over crowded and the beaches abroad are sandy, scenic and pure. Giving the impression no-one has retired their in the heat ever. But in Britain, we have too many stones and sea weed on the beach- which is definitely not sandy, scenic or pure for relaxation. So undecided... but I'd lean towards the beach. 

5. Summer = crazy hair! What's your must have styling product?
None, keep it natural and sleek.  Release your inner hippie. 
6. Sun bathing or fake tan?
Sun bathing because who wants to look like a streaky, orange? 

7. Favourite summer nail polish?
I like the blue rhapsody polish by Essie because it reminds me of how the ocean should appear- idyllic. 

8. Any summer traditions?
I'm always working so I'm rarely chilling as said before... which is kind of sad because summer holidays are meant to be spiritual, mental and physical breaks from school and work.  But hey ho. It's becoming a summer tradition where I do some sort of work experience, write a whole bucket list which I never complete and try to get a head start on projects/musings. I think it's becoming a tradition on results day where my friends and I steal empty bottles of alcohol, fill them up with water and take photos with captions like 'Lets get hammered tonight'. :) 

9. Favourite summer scent?

I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs - it's effervescent floral, fruitiness is what summer's all about! Giving your mind a break and realising the beauty of the world - that is often underlooked in demanding, work lifes.  But anything Hollister as they just convey the scent of something exotic, flamboyant and out of my price range. 

10. Favourite BBQ food?

Hot dogs (she says, aware of having no BBQ around). 

11. What's your favourite summer proof product?

A good book is always a good summer proof product as it releases the reader to an unknown world, escapism. At the moment it is 'Moonwalk' by the King MJ, rest his soul
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12. Any summer vacation plans this year? No plans? Tell us about your dream trip...

Sadly no plans, just work and driving towards the dream. But if I had no travel restrictions I'd head to Paris in the morning to engorge the delectable pastries for breakfast then visit Miami Beach and chill with some friends for the day. When we surrender to the heat, a trip to Disneyland Florida for a bit. For lunch, I think a trip to Italy is ideal then a visit to Hawaii and watch the stars in the Maldives. 

I tag Alicia,  Stella Etoile and Chloe to do 'The Summer Tag' :)

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