Monday, 18 August 2014

How to take a good selfie #SelfieSunday

How to take a good #Selfie. 

It pains me to even mention the dhastly word (well euphemism) on the blog, but I saw VOGUE comprise a similar post and it suddenly struck me the lengths of how self-obsessed we are as a society. Surely if Vogue are writing about it... it must be something worth writing about... or at least something that wants to be read. My sister agreed and said I should write up some tips for more readers (hey it's better than a generic 'summer wishlist' or 'back to school wishlist' blog post). 

** Before I begin, I'm not a 'selfie expert' (who is? okay maybe Izabel Goulart) but I do work with Photoshop and cameras on a regular basis, so I can give advice on a photographer and well, Instagram scroller's view**

Tip 1- Wear fitted clothes
This may seem obvious, but if your body parts are fighting to get viewed... We won't be liking them. It's just inappropriate.

Tip 2- Check the lighting 
This may be really obvious, but it's very hard to edit over even the smallest bit of dark lighting in a selfie (even with a filter), so try to get as much natural sunlight as you can when taking one. 

Tip 3- Check your surroundings

This may be common sense; but always double check your location for anyone ready to but in. Also, try to ensure no-one is watching the selfie taking session as well... they may bring it up later around someone potentially life changing or devastatingly attractive. 

Tip 4- Angle your face accordingly and POSE! 

I think of selfies as the natural you, in your natural habitat. In that case, selfies are spot lifesavers! If you see someone looking really great in their selfies, but rubbish in real life- they angle their face and the viewer's attention away from their imperfections. Got a spot? Use your hair to hide it away. Got no hair and a spot? Take the photo in a different face location- or maybe look the opposite way of the spot. 

And finally tip 5- SMILE. 

After all, no-one's going to follow you if you look unfriendly. 

Hasta la Vista Stylistas
K, xo

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