Monday, 11 August 2014

#MyCosmoStyle What would you wear in #VEGAS?

So recently whilst chilling on holiday (well in England and working...), I got into the new Kim Kardashian iPhone app 'Hollywood' and reached 70 million fans on there (says a lot about how addictive the game's like grown up Stardoll). I'm not normally a Kim K fan and posting her name on here isn't exactly dream worthy; it links with my next point. Holiday locations. It only costs $20 to fly to Las Vegas on the app! $60 to fly to London! That got me thinking... Vegas. Flashy lights, cocktails in a plethora of colours and gambling. Vegas may not be a fashion capital [yet] but it sure sounds like an inspiration capital. Take a look at these images of the beautiful 'Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas'. To view more of the captivating Cosmopolitan, visit:

But, before you've hit the slot machine jackpot. What would you wear in Vegas?

Katy Perry's donned her 'Vegas' get up before at an event in... VEGAS! But, I'm not as daring as Katy's (stylist) style so I thought I'd try on my own Vegas get-up and gamble chic.

Viva Las Vegas!

Red tulle dress
£23 -

Mango motorcycle jacket
£48 -

Chevron jewelry
£12 -

NARS Cosmetics moisturizing lipstick
£15 -

Bon Appetit's Las Vegas Coverage, All in One Place

Viva Las Vegas Stylistas! xo 

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